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Iowa Distribution Test Systems
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Iowa Distribution Test Systems

A Real 240-Node Distribution System with One-Year Smart Meter Data

  • Summary
  • System description
  • One year smart meter data
  • OpenDSS model
  • Quasi-static time-series analysis

    For publications that use the test system, please acknowledge the paper below.

    [1] F. Bu, Y. Yuan, Z. Wang, K. Dehghanpour, and A. Kimber, "A Time-series Distribution Test System based on Real Utility Data." arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.04078 (2019). [PDF]

    For exemplary user cases, please see the papers below.

    [2] K. Dehghanpour, Y. Yuan, Z. Wang, and F. Bu, "A Game-Theoretic Data-Driven Approach for Pseudo-Measurement Generation in Distribution System State Estimation," IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, accepted for publication. [PDF]

    [3] Y. Yuan, K. Dehghanpour, F. Bu, and Z. Wang, "A Multi-Timescale Data-Driven Approach to Enhance Distribution System Observability," IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, accepted for publication. [PDF]

    [4] F. Bu, K. Dehghanpour, Z. Wang, and Y. Yuan, "A Data-Driven Framework for Assessing Cold Load Pick-up Demand in Service Restoration," IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, accepted for publication.

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