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Current Projects

  • Z. Wang (PI), V. Ajjarapu, and A. Kimber, "Optimal Operation and Impact Assessment of Distributed Wind for Improving Efficiency and Resilience of Rural Electricity Systems," Department of Energy, 01/01/2020-01/01/2022.

  • Z. Wang (PI), "Data-Driven Voltage VAR Optimization Enabling Extreme Integration of Distributed Solar Energy," National Science Foundation, 08/15/2019-07/31/2022.

  • Z. Wang (PI), I. Dobson, V. Ajjarapu, and C. Hedge, "Robust Learning of Dynamic Interactions for Enhancing Power System Resilience," Department of Energy, 09/01/2019-02/28/2021.

  • Z. Wang (PI) and A. Kimber, "Shared Micro Phasor Measurement Units (uPMU) for Data-Driven, Real-Time Distribution Monitoring, Modeling and Analysis," Iowa Energy Center, 10/01/2019-09/30/2021.

  • Z. Wang (ISU PI), "A Data-Driven Multi-timescale Predictive, Proactive, and Recovery Optimization Framework for Solar Energy Integrated Resilient Distribution Grid," Department of Energy & Argonne National Lab, 10/01/2018-03/31/2020.

  • Z. Wang (PI), "Data-Driven and Machine Learning-based Load Modeling," PSERC, 05/01/2018-04/30/2020.

  • Z. Wang (PI), "EAGER: SSDIM: Data Generation for Interdependent Natural Gas and Electrical Power Systems Based on Graph Theory and Machine Learning," National Science Foundation, 09/01/2017-08/31/2021.

  • Z. Wang (PI), "Robust Real-Time Modeling of Distribution Systems with Data-Driven Grid-Wise Observability," Department of Energy, 10/01/2017-09/30/2020. [Project Summary]

  • Z. Wang (ISU PI), "Measurement-Based Hierarchical Framework for Time-varying Stochastic Load Modeling," Department of Energy & Argonne National Lab, 07/01/16-12/31/19. [Project Summary]

  • Z. Wang (PI) and I. Dobson, "Data-Driven Modeling, Monitoring and Mitigation of Cascading Outages in Transmission and Distribution Systems," National Science Foundation, 07/15/16-06/30/20.

  • Z. Wang (PI), L. Tesfatsion, and J. Wang,"Flexible Service Contracting for Risk Management within Integrated Transmission and Distribution Systems," Department of Energy, 10/01/2016-09/30/2019.

  • L. Tesfatsion, Z. Wang (Co-PI), and S. Bose,"Market and Control Mechanisms Enabling Flexible Service Provision by Grid-Edge Resources within End-to-End Power Systems," PSERC, 09/01/19-08/31/21.

Past Projects

  • Z. Wang (ISU PI), "A Closed-Loop Distribution System Restoration Tool for Natural Disaster Recovery," Department of Energy & Argonne National Lab, 07/01/2016-06/30/2019. [Project Summary I] [Project Summary II]

  • Z. Wang (PI), "Matching Grant Program to DOE Grid Modernization Initiative (Cash cost share to three DOE projects)," Iowa Energy Center, 07/01/16-06/30/19.
  • Z. Wang (PI), V. Ajjarapu, and H. Zhu, "Leverage Conservation Voltage Reduction for Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Control and Stability Enhancement in Integrated Transmission and Distribution Systems," PSERC, 06/30/16-08/31/18. [Project Summary]
  • Z. Wang (PI) and N. David, "Functional Assessment of DFIG and PMSG-Based Wind Turbines for Grid Support Applications," PSERC, 09/01/16-08/31/18. [Project Summary]

  • Z. Wang (PI), "A Tool for Mining AMI Data to Model Customer Loads for Small Public Power Utilities," American Public Power Association, 06/30/16-07/31/17. [Project Summary]

  • L. Tesfatsion, Z. Wang (Co-PI),"Development of an Integrated Transmission and Distribution Test System to Evaluate Transactive Energy Systems," Department of Energy & Pacific Northwest National Lab, 04/01/17-03/31/19.

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